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Face Your Writing Monsters!

Fri 29th - Sun 31st October '21
Online Course

Haunted by fear of failure? Let our Halloween writing weekend exorcise your demons. Face down the monsters who invade your writing space. Come and write with us, and channel the fear! 


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New Year Writing Detox

February 4th - 6th 2022
Online Course

Does your writing need a boost? Wish you could energize your story? Want your words in better shape?

This weekend’s for you.


Click here for more details. Meanwhile, email us if you're interested and we'll keep you up to date

Evening 'Grist'

Monthly from October '21 - January '22

The one reality of writing you can't escape is that it takes work! And that can be intimidating. Our short 'Grist to the Mill' evening sessions aim to inspire, cajole, provoke. Whatever it takes to get you writing.

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