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Cynan Jones, Vanessa Gebbie, David Lloyd - Writing Mill - writing courses - fiction, short fiction, short stories, novels, Flash fiction, creative non-fiction, memoir - whatever you're writing, Writing Mill provides empowering writing courses online and face-to-face.

If you have questions about Writing Mill or/and would like to be added to our database, please email. We'd love to hear from you.

In the first instance, it's very likely David will get back to you. If we can help with anything, we will. 

"Your weekend gave me wings. It inspired me with renewed courage and determination to continue with my writing and its raison d’etre. Merci!"

Edith Simmonds Richter, Virtual Writing Mill, March '21

"I hadn't expected to learn so much about editing and the writing process in such a short space of time, or to giggle quite so much. The giggling was wonderful."

Anika Carpenter, Writing Mill, Spring '19 

"It was a TARDIS of a weekend. I don’t know how you managed to fit so much into such a short space of time."

Ali McGrane, Writing Mill, Spring '19

"Vanessa’s knowledge, perception, and kindness make each interaction a delightful step into greater confidence and skill as a writer."

Trudi Y Taylor PhD

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