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Face Your Writing Monsters!

Fri 29th - Sun 31st October 2021
Online Course

The writing world can be a shadowy, scary place, peopled by all kinds of ghouls who want to hold you back or even stop you writing. 


The blank page monster. The ‘Where do I start?’ monster. The ‘All I write is rubbish’ monster. "You can’t do this", "You’re not good enough", "You’re an imposter"… Not to mention the ‘How do I fit this into my life?’ monster. Then there’s the writing group monster. The social media monster, with its unmistakable whisper, "everyone else is always winning things or getting things published and I’m not". Cue the ‘Why am I doing this?’ monster. And then, of course, the biggest, scariest monster of all, Rejection. Once met, never forgotten…


But hey! Do we let this lot rule our lives or do we get them onside? Are they all scary, or are some of them necessary? Want to turn some seeming negatives into positives? 


Join us, for a weekend full of writing and discussion. Remind yourself you can, and meanwhile slay some monsters on the way. 

Evening guest, James Scudamore, award-winning author of English Monsters.

The cost of the course is £325 and includes a 1 - 1 session with each tutor, with feedback on 2,000 words of your writing which we will read in advance.

Email us to book this course, or with further questions. Places are limited. 

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