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Mayday! Mayday!
Writing Emergency

Thrown off course after feedback

Don't see eye to eye with an editor

Stuck at a point you can't get your story past

Tailored, online triage for your writing crisis
Flexible times to suit you

Hit a wall with your novel?

No matter how dedicated you are to writing, all manner of things can throw a spanner in the works. A life event, the pressure of an MA deadline, rejection from a publisher, even success with an earlier piece. The vital thing is to find a way to keep writing, or to protect your idea, until the emergency is passed. And we’re here to help.

We are offering dedicated one-on-one sessions to tackle, head on, your particular emergency (or perhaps several emergencies).

You will be invited to send in advance as much information as you can about the crisis. We might then ask further questions, and perhaps for writing samples to help us understand how best to support.

We will then schedule two hour-long Zoom sessions, one with Vanessa and one with Cynan, to talk things through and offer practical, honest advice.

When you've had a chance to apply the advice, we'll have a pick-up session (30 minutes) to make sure you're on track, and moving ahead.


The cost for the three sessions is £225; we're also able to discuss a series of sessions, or other approaches, designed to help steer you off the rocks!

To book, or with any questions, please email

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